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We recommend Jukebox as the best business card provider for unique business cards because of its range of cardstock options. It offers options that include materials such as wood, silk, cork, sparkle, or bamboo, plus a variety of different shapes. Pricing begins at $35 for 500 standard matte cards. Choose Jukebox if you want to make a statement with business cards that people likely haven’t seen before.

Jukebox Pricing

Jukebox prices its business cards based on turnaround, giving you the option of “wait and save cards” and “same day business cards.” Standard business cards are $35 for 500, which is more than Vistaprint, but slightly less than Moo. Unique materials such as wood or cork, are available for an additional $100 to $300.

Jukebox Features

Jukebox offers a variety of business card options, including standard printing as well as unique offerings like cork or silk business cards. Jukebox also offers fast printing on select options, which is a good choice for customers who need their cards quickly.

Templates & Design

Jukebox has the fewest number of templates, with more than 120 from which to choose. These templates are not as aesthetically pleasing as Moo’s professionally designed templates, but you will still probably be able to find something that works for you. Jukebox also offers high-end business card design that allows you to submit an online request form for a custom design that you can review and approve to have printed.

Ease of Use

Partly because of all of the unique options available, Jukebox is a little more difficult to use than Vistaprint and Moo. It’s not quite as intuitive and is harder to navigate. For example, at first, it seems that you have to purchase the cards before you can see a proof, though this is not the case. This differs from Moo and Vistaprint, which both have a “get started” button that walks you through the complete process without having to jump around the website.

Turnaround Time

Jukebox has same-day business cards available, but to take advantage of this fast turnaround time, you will need to be located in Vancouver to pick them up. If you’re not, you will need to pay from $25 to $130 for next-day shipping. With this option, you can choose from a limited number of its products and expect to pay around $50 more for your cards. If you can wait, the standard option takes about a week to print and ship.

Paper & Styles

Jukebox offers some of the most unique stock options of any of the providers on this list. Its business cards can be printed on cotton, cork, bamboo, wood, and thick paper stocks. It also offers 3D embossed cards, die-cut shapes, and letterpress, making Jukebox the best option for unique business cards that are sure to start a conversation.

What Jukebox Is Missing

Jukebox has a much more limited design template library compared to Vistaprint, and it doesn’t have the group photo upload feature found with Moo. Jukebox also doesn’t have the 32-point heavy paper stock that Moo offers, although most of the other providers also lack this thickness.

What Users Think About Jukebox

Users give Jukebox good reviews for the variety of different and unique options available. Users also give it high marks for the overall quality and finish of the cards it produces. They do wish that the navigation and design interfaces were a little more intuitive. They also comment that the number of options can be slightly overwhelming.

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