How to Find the Best Business Card Printing Services For You

Generally speaking, there is no “best for everyone” business card printing service. The best option for me might not be the best one for you.

These are the factors that you need to evaluate when you’re shopping around and narrowing down your options:


How many business cards do you need?

Some printing services let you order minimums of 10 or even 50. Other printing services require 500 or even 1,000 business cards per order.

Generally speaking, you’ll get discounts based on volume. Even if you only need 100 cards, it might make sense to order 500. In some cases, it’s only a dollar or two extra for the additional 400 cards.


There are two main factors to consider when you’re looking at shipping—price and turnaround time.

How soon do you need those cards? Some of the best business card printing services offer free shipping; but don’t expect your cards to arrive tomorrow.

Other card printing services offer really low rates but charge extra for shipping at checkout. You might need to have a minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping business cards.

Card Size and Shape

You can get a standard size business card from any printing service on our list. But some of you might be looking for something more unique.

Certain websites offer square business cards, mini business cards, and business cards with rounded edges. There are even printers offering fruit-shaped business cards or other unique shapes like hearts, stars, and more.

Material and Texture

Consider the stock of the business cards you’re ordering. As the stock number increases, the price typically goes up as well.

But beyond the stock, consider the material being used and the texture of the cards you want to order. Examples include linen, cotton, recycled materials, plastic, matte, gloss, and more. Some printing services even offer cork or embossed business cards.


If you want your business card to stand out from the crowd, look for a printing service that gives you the flexibility to be unique.

Some services offer hundreds or even thousands of unique templates and designs for you to start with. Then you can customize everything from there. Alternatively, you could always start with a blank canvas and create your own business card from scratch.


What’s the best business card printing service? It depends on what you’re looking for.

PsPrint and Vistaprint are the most popular of our recommendations. But they are definitely not the only viable options to consider.

If you’re looking for cheap business cards, check out GotPrint. For unique shapes and custom designs, use Zazzle. Order from Elite Flyers if you want to buy business cards in bulk. For same-day pickup, use Staples. MOO offers excellent choices for modern designs and unique materials.

No matter what type of business cards you want, this guide will help you find the best printing service to accommodate your needs.

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