The Best Business Cards of 2021

A well-designed business card helps make a lasting good impression on new business associates and clients. Here are the best business card printing services for making polished cards, even on a budget.

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1/Editor’s Choice


The service known for printing all types of logo wear also offers good-quality business cards with a flexible design interface

Free double-sided printing

High quality templates made by graphic designers

Prints on many types of objects

Flexible card design tool

Large selection of fonts and clip art

No professional designer services





Vistaprint did well in our print tests, has an easy-to-use design tool and excellent customer service, and offers thousands of templates and several options for card stock, finishes, and features.

Quick, easy-to-use software

Free templates for any style

Excellent print quality.

Reasonable prices.

Lots of upsell attempts.





Not only does Moo have one of the easiest web addresses to remember

Gorgeous matte finish

Stylish card templates

Lets you alternate images in a single order

Excellent shipment packaging

Significantly higher price than most card-printing services





GotPrint gets you business cards cheaper than just about anyone and has a decent design interface, but its entry level offering is of lower quality than the competition's.

Appealing print and photo quality

Great color management


Good online card design tool

Less modern templates than some competitors


Very Good



JukeBox Print believes in and strives for providing its customers with best quality products only!

Premium Offset (Stochastic) business cards

Custom Shaped cards

Natural-brown Kraft Business Cards

100% Recycled cards


Very Good

Best Business Cards Free Trials


Quick, easy-to-use software

Free templates for any style

Most Popular


Free double-sided printing

Prints on many types of objects

Flexible card design tool


Gorgeous matte finish

Stylish card templates

Best Business Cards of 2021 Year

Buyer's Guide, Comparison and Advices

Even in our digital world, business cards are still a crucial tool for networking and marketing.

Whether it be a trade show, mixing event, or just simply striking up a conversation with a potential lead waiting in line for coffee, a business card is the best way to exchange information in person.

But before you start passing out business cards to everyone you meet, you’ll need to get those cards designed, printed, and shipped. Where do you start? A business card printing service will handle all of this for you.

With a printing service, you can get custom business cards that will stand out from the crowd. Choose from classic, modern, bright, bold, and even designs with unique shapes and sizes.

There are hundreds of different places to get business cards. I’ve narrowed down the top eight business card printing services on the market today.

DIY Business Cards

You can now easily meet business contacts online through LinkedIn or Twitter, or just by plain old email, and that’s all well and good. But when you actually meet a potential client, customer, or colleague in person, you’ll want to be able to hand them a business card. That card will be a tangible and lasting representation of you once the meeting is over, so you’ll want to carefully consider how it looks and feels. The online business card printers here let you create good-looking business cards yourself. They can even help you design your cards and choose the cardstock quality the fits your needs.


How to Get Started

The services included here all offer design templates for a multitude of card types and uses. If you run an auto mechanic shop, you probably want a different card style from a restaurateur or lawyer. The better services here organize their templates by both industry and style. The latter choice often includes options like classic, modern, and bold.



You usually start designing your card with a template and customize what it includes based on the information you need to convey. Maybe you don’t need to show a street address, or maybe you need to include social accounts. Most services let you add or remove text boxes to taste. I especially appreciate it when the web interface includes guidelines to help with lining up text boxes or images, as EliteFlyers’ designer does.


Methodology For Choosing The Best Business Card Printing Service

With so many online printing services selling business cards, finding the best option for your unique needs can be challenging.

To simplify the buying process, we’ve identified top elements that must be taken into consideration as you evaluate different choices.

We explain why these features matter in greater detail below, so you can weigh these criteria according to your personal needs. 

Shape and Finish

What kind of business card do you want? 


Aside from the standard size business card, there are seemingly endless possibilities out there. From circle business cards to square cards, mini cards, Euro cards, and custom die cutting; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to be unique. If you want one of these unique shapes, make sure you choose a printing service that can accommodate those needs.


In addition to the shape, the texture of your business card is the next element to keep in mind. From linen to cotton, glossy, matte, plastic, and more, there are dozens of finishes available, depending on the service you’re evaluating. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A business card is a small, wallet-sized card that is usually printed with the holder’s name, contact details and business information.

Business cards are used for networking, pre and post meetings, and attached to other printed materials, like brochures.

Their purpose is to help clients and customers remember you. It should look and feel like an extension of your brand – from the chosen colours and typefaces to the card’s shape and size.

LinkedIn may have put networking on the smartphone in your pocket and enabled us to be headhunted without leaving the sofa.

But the traditional business card is still very important.

Business cards are real, tangible, something you can hold. As influential columnists talk of digital burnout and detoxes, and the appeal of vinyl records and even cassette tapes grows, the business card is bang on-trend.

And of course, they’re perfect for your events or chance encounters with potential clients on trains. No matter how cool your LinkedIn profile, it’s not something you can hand to a client for them to place in their wallet – tucked alongside their bankcards and family photos.

The standard business card size is the same as a credit card: 85 x 55mm. This is so it can slot into a purse or wallet with ease.

But there are other business card sizes available, such as Mini and Square. Choose these designs if you want a contemporary feel that will catch the eye of your client – but ask yourself: does this reflect who we are as a brand? If no, stick to the more conventional shape.